Lavishing Lashes & Beehives

Stylist/Co-director of GARTIER - The Wedding Style Brand, Nicolette Tells about her personal choice of styling the Make-Up and Hair for this fun and intuitive concept in conjunction with Newly Launched PERVIGEO - floral design. ( 

The 1950's look continued into the next decade - and so did the elegant eyes, pale pink hues and loads of powder, which is evident in our styled images below. Iconic models such as Twiggy were styled in the three distinct looks of the 1960's, the classic, the mod and the hippy . 

THE MOD - look is the cosmetic look most remembered from the distinctive beauty era and the one I captured in my styling.


The cat-eye look for eyes was prominant in the 1950's but took a bit of a back seat and all the Emphasis went back to LASHES LASHES LASHES. This trend seems to be slowly making an appearance again as celebrity stylists' very seldom complete a look without this little crutial beauty enhancing feature. In the 1960's and today with false lashes taking on a whole new popularity - [MINKIN by gartier] is a new upcoming 3D mink eye-lash brand, we are launching and guarenteed to take our bridal industry by storm,in South Africa & abroad.

Gartier - the wedding style brand replicated this era by keeping lips pale to help emphasize EYES (even more). EYELINER was my most important tool and this look was achieved (then and now) by doubling up the liner on the end of the lid, giving the seductive sought after WINGED effect. I achieved this flawless liner effect by using a limited edition MAC cosmetics - penultimate liquid eye-liner "signature collection by JAMES KALIARDOS | spring\summer 2017.

EYE- SHADOW, the most popular palette in the 1960's was blue, grey and white. However in this high end glamourised bridal styled shoot - I chose to keep the palette hues to the barely there pinks, for a softer bridal appearance and without distracting from the KEY- FEATURE of this era - the EYES.  

Hair trends surrounding the 1960's was made iconic and shaped by the likes of Brigitte Bardot's signature BEEHIVE. I replicated the element of this style in both the Hair styles of this glamour-rich bridal styled shoot. Deep inside every modern 21st century woman is a Southern Belle dying to come to life and this urge of BIG HAIR completely engulfed my styling. 

Industry suppliers: Floral & Decor Design: Pervigeo Floral Design | Photography by: Genevieve Fundaro | Stationery Design : Chrystalace | Hair & Make-up Styling : Gartier - The Wedding Style Brand - Stylist on the day Nicolette [] | Gown by Enzoani

Gartier - our elite styling brand

the gartier brand was first est. in 2013

we desired to bring-about a luxurious and elite concept to wedding styling.

GARTIER - The Wedding Style Brand, is the elite when it comes to all aspects of bridal styling. Gartier boasts internationally with our Russian & Iranian trained stylists, we believe in the extraordinary when it comes to technique, expertise as well as service delivery. As bridal styling industry leaders we make sure that we stay ahead of world wide trends & our stylists get that sought after styling edge by bi-annual international training.

Gartier offers signature & one of kind hairstyling, airbrush as well as packed-on Make-up artistry.

Gartier's iconic fingerprint on the bridal styling industry is expressed by Mr HARRY WINSTON himself "people will stare - make it worth their while"

Let us take you by storm

-Tres-Jolie & Nicollette [ directors Gartier - the wedding style brand]

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